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Pure Saffron
Pure Saffron
Pure Saffron Pure Saffron Pure Saffron

Most valued spice used over the centuries as an essence and natural coloring & flavoring agent all over the world in foods, Mediterranean, oriental & Indian dishes especially soups, salads, ice-creams, drinks & in various kinds of pharmaceutical preparations.

It is also known for its high medicinal qualities saffron is the stigma of crocus sativus plant used widely as a drug, possessing several therapeutical properties.

Since centuries, saffron is used in Unani medicine as,
  • Antidote for many harmful or toxic drugs.
  • Activates the effect of compound medicine for better absorption at organs tissue level.
  • Potentiates the principal drug effect of compound formulations the brain heart & liver diseases (Source Central Research Institute of Unani Medicine Hyderabad, India.

In Unani medicine it is being used as a refrigerant, general tonic, diuretic, stimulant, sex & overall aphrodisiac, laxative, uterus improver & in pregnancy. (source - Drug Standardisation Research Unit, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi - 110062. India.) On an average abont 1.5 Lac flowers are required for yield of one kg of saffron & involves high volume of labour & manpower.

Uses :

  1. Saffron as Symbol of Religion : Saffron has a long history of spiritual and magical use. It was a sacred flower in ancient Crete. Greek gods and goddeses wore gowns dyed with saffron, as did Buddhist monks. It is an ancient symbol of the sun, and has been used to dye foods the color yellow as part of solar worship. Saffron has long been associated with gold.
  2. Saffron as a Dye : The basic ingredient of saffron is crocin, which is actually the source of its strong coloring property. In ancient times it was a very rare and expensive substance and the colour it produced signified a high status or royalty. Romans used it to dye their hair. The 'purple carpet' of saffron of Irish kings is another such impressive example.
  3. Saffron as a Medicine : Saffron essential oil is known to have therapeutic properties. It is considered an excellent stomach ailment and an antispasmodic that helps in digestion and increases appetite. It is also relieves renal colic, reduces stomachaches and relieves tension. Over the time it has also been used as a drug for flu-like infections, depression, and hypatomegaly. Its essential oils are also used as sedatives. It is also considered that in small quantities it regulates women's menstruation, and helps conception. It is a fact that since antiquity, crocus was attributed to have aphrodisiac properties. Many writers along with Greek mythology sources associate crocus with fertility. Crocus in general is an excellent sexual stimulant.
  4. Saffron in Cooking : Saffron is most widely used as a spice for colouring and flavour improving while giving a distinct aroma and a beautiful golden colour. It is used in a whole array of recipes all over the world.
Packing :
  • 1gm / 5 gm / 10 gm / 100 gm / 1 Kg. / 5 Kg. &.10 Kg  In Airtight heavy gauge Plastic Box, Seal By HIMNEEL

Storage :
  • Should be stored at lower humidity & low temperature to insure colour stability.

Saffron valued for its exotic flavour & colour is by for the must expensive spice of the world, as its is considered Soverign remedy in traditional medicine, UNPARALLELED in virtue by any drug material medica.
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